At Total Sheetmetals we provide a wide range of engineering services.  From the large scale production of heating, ventilation and extract ( HVAC ) ducting and ducting systems, to architectural and commercial stainless steel fabrication, CNC plasma cutting, light engineering and pipe works.

Established in the Manawatu in 1991 we've worked with clients throughout New Zealand. We can fabricated in our workshop and deploy a team to any location in New Zealand for on-site installation.

About Total Sheetmetals

Total Sheetmetals was established by John Palmer in 1991. Johns commitment to deliver the highest level of service to his clients continues today. The many long-standing relationships with clients, who return to Total Sheetmetals for all their engineering requirements is a solid testament to this.

Our Team

At our Palmerston North workshop, we have over 12 highly-skilled tradesman currently supported with 2 apprentices.

Total Sheetmetals team members have competed in the World Skills Competition, finishing 4th, 5th and 6th in the world for welding and sheetmetal fabrication technologies for 2007-2009. We also have New Zealands top welding apprentice and New Zealands top fabrication apprentice (2007-2009 World Skills) on our team.

Our Skills

We're committed to providing ongoing industry training for our staff. We have staff who are certified & ticketed welders - including several ASME IX Carbon & Stainless Steel(duplex) qualifications and procedures. Members of our team are also Confined Space Entry, Work at Height and both Permit Receiver and Permit Issuer trained. Such is the regard our staff skills are held in, our services are often contracted for permit issuing and receiving during major dairy plant shutdowns. Total Sheetmetals is a Site Safe registered company.