We love getting feedback. Below is a sample of some comments we have received. If you would like to tell us about your experience please contact us.

Cool WOW!  Thanks Tina. Its great working with you too. Your knowledge and expertise is always well received.

From Tina Dyer of Park Central :

Park and Playground Solutions Ltd.

To Whom it May Concern:

Total Sheetmetals Ltd

In my role as a Playground Specialist I have had the pleasure of working with Total Sheetmetals Ltd. I have worked with TSM on a number of occasions, mostly in the construction of Stainless Steel Slides, although more recently on other play items. TSM have been able to work with the Playground Safety Standards NZS 5828:2004 and 2015, in providing the play equipment. This standard is a technical manufacturing standard and is relatively difficult to get right. TSM have proven their technical understanding of this standard and providing all items compliant with the standards. Further to this the quality of the products supplied has been excellent.

TSM have been very good to work with and communicated all the way through the projects. All projects have been delivered on time and to budget.

I would and have recommended TSM to many of my clients. Am happy to discuss further if required.

Kind Regards

Tina Dyer

Park Central. Register of Playground Inspectors International.


Feedback like this rocks....thanks Richard.

Good day Shaun.

Please see below. We at ACCL  and myself personally would like to thank you for all the Work Total Sheetmetals carried out. It was a breeze working with you and your team, and absolute first class finish. Much appreciated and look forward to working with you again.

Regards Richard.

of Alexander Construction Ltd

3rd Feb 2016

Not in the contract; but all part of the service. Cool Appreciate the feedback Shaun.

Received 3rd February 2016

Can you pass on our gratitude to Shaun at Total Sheet Metals for fitting the vices to the benches as this was not included in the contract. We appreciate that they did a first class job of their work on the project.


SHAUN DONOVAN                    

Of  P R O A R C H   A R C H I T E C T S   L I M I T E D  

Out of the blue after a very interesting and unique job came the following email.....

Received 4th Feb 2015


Hi Shaun

We are all done…..

….The guys that worked on the job were excellent and all were very helpful and capable.  You are fortunate to have such good staff.  Thanks to all involved as this was a real rushed job and required plenty of thinking on your feet.

 Thanks again

We love it when these things happen. Thank you for your generous feedback. We will let the team know. It is much appreciated. 

We received this awesome email  in September 2014.


I just wanted to put in writing how superb I thought your company were over the last week. I cannot speak highly enough of your staff that completed the task.

I will be using your services in the future

Thank you!

Central Football Recommendation

Thanks Scott we really appreciate the feedback.Laughing


27th August 2014

Dear Damian and Shaun

It is long overdue that I acknowledge your company Total Sheetmetals for their professional attitude and quality of workmanship. Your company has helped with a lot of difficult projects ranging over many years, including a rebuild of a spray dryer, new UHT, new steam infusion/DSI rig and many smaller projects. You have also done small bits and bobs as required, sometimes with a few hours notice.

I would like to compliment Ross & Brian and lately Elliot and Ray. Also Mikey, Dan and Stephan for their willingness to help with loading heavier parts into and out of my car. There has to be mention of the boys in the ducting area and the ever careful Alan in the Plasma area.

Last but not least I wish to acknowledge the Managers Shaun and Damian, and the cherry office staff for their unfailing help to ensure work is dispatched with speed and a professional result. A company is only as good as its managment. It makes me think of the saying: "God loves a cheerful giver".

If I have missed out any staff it has not being my intention, could you please pass on my appreciation.

Thank you

Yours Sincerely

Byron McKillop

Head Technician

Institute of Food, Nutrition and Human Health

cc: Steve Flint, Director of Food

Richard Archer, Line Manager

Mission Kayaking

13 March 2014

 “We have being using the experience and expertise of Total Sheetmetals tradesman now for over 4 years. Our cast aluminium moulds often require repairs and maintenance, and from time to time extensive modifications, as we develop new models and variations. We have being in the kayak manufacturing business ourselves for over 30 years and in that time have experienced the best and worse in service and workmanship on our moulds. The service we received from Total Sheetmetals has been fantastic and the condition that our moulds arrive back to our factory in are always first class . The overall service, workmanship and finishing has been very professional and we would strongly recommend Total Sheetmetals to any company considering utilising their skills and resources.”

Michael O’Donnell

Managing Director

Mission Kayaking


Dear Shaun and Damian

I am writing.... to thank you and your staff for the professionalism your company has shown in the refurbishment of our spray drier and the additions to our evaporator....

We are proud of how the finished article looks.....As its stands it is a fine trophy and a good example of a company working with the University to help with the design and building of a very important piece of equipment.

The operating rig will be used by companies for research as well as for student teaching. There will be plenty of opportunity for it to operate as an advertisement for both Total Sheetmetals and the Institute of Food , Nutrition and Human Health. To support this you may wish to attach a suitable sign to the rig from your company if you so desire.

Yours Sincerely

Professor Richard H Archer

Head of Institute

Institute of Food, Nutrition and Human Health